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Applications and Forms for Development Reveiw

Surplus Properties
For a list of residential, commercial, and industrial lots available in Ecorse, visit the Surplus Property Lists and Policy webpage.      
Application Packets
 General Community Development Application
Site Plan Review
PUD Review
Rezoning Review
Special Land Use Review
Planning Commission Hearing
Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing
Outdoor Dining Application

Application Procedure
The procedure for each application is outlined in the respective application packet. For all planning and zoning applications, please pay the required fee for processing and review to the following address:
Payable to: City of Ecorse

Fee Schedule: Live Link

Community Development Department
3869 W. Jefferson Avenue
Ecorse, MI
The current fee schedule for applications is as follows:

General Site Plan Review Overview
Article 8 of the Zoning Ordinance includes a detailed description of the site plan review process. Site plan review is required for a variety of projects, including residential developments with more than 5 units, accessory structures in non-residential districts, and more.
The site plan process generally proceeds as follows:

  1. The applicant requests and holds a pre-application conference with the building official and city planner. A pre-application conference consists of a meeting between a prospective developer or redeveloper of property and City representatives. During the meeting, the developer asks City staff for input on the approach being pursued, the building appearance, building materials, general site layout, etc., and City staff provides preliminary comments. To schedule a pre-application conference, please contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator.
  2. OPTIONAL STEP: The applicant submits a conceptual site plan, and informal feedback is provided by the building official, city planner, and planning commission. 
  3. The applicant submits a complete site plan, and the building department reviews the submission to ensure that all items have been completed. The building department then disseminates the plans to the city planner and city engineer for review.
  4. The building official, city engineer, and city planner perform a technical review of the plan to determine compliance with city code. Each reviewer drafts a memorandum detailing their findings and submits it to the Planning Commission. Once all have been completed, the applicant applies for a planning commission hearing and the submittal is placed on the next Planning Commission meeting agenda.
  5. The Planning Commission reviews the site plan and the memorandums and makes a decision to approve, deny, or postpone the application.

Site plan review is not required for residential developments of 4 or less units, the construction or modification of single-family homes, permitted home occupations, and more, as detailed in Article 8 of the Zoning Ordinance. Projects that do not require site plan review may still require a building permit – please visit the Building Department page for more information.

Other Applications and Forms
If you would like to apply for a building permit, business license, fence application, sign application, or other permit not available on our page, please visit the Forms and Permits homepage.