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Pre-approved House Plans

Are you currently searching for your new home? Are you looking for an attractive, accessible, and affordable house? Are you a developer who wants to help alleviate the housing shortage? Are you a current resident looking for an upgrade? We are here to make it easy!
In response to the current housing crisis, Ecorse has designed 4 single-family house plans, aka blueprints, that are available to everyone for free. These plans are designed to make it easy to build your home in the City of Ecorse.

What is a Pre-Approved House Plan?
There are several types of approval any new house needs to go through before it is constructed. The plans developed by the City of Ecorse have already been pre-approved (aka preliminarily reviewed) by the City’s Planning and Building Departments. 

Why Use a Pre-Approved House Plan?
Pre-approved plans save time and money by:

  • Shortening the review and permitting process
  • Eliminating the cost (and time) of hiring an architect to create plans
  • Making the development process more predictable
Together, these benefits add up to months of time and thousands of dollars in savings.
Plus, Ecorse’s plans are specifically designed to be:
  • Accessible for people of all ages and abilities
  • Attractive, both inside and out
  • Energy efficient and simple to construct
Where Can I Get the Plans?
Before you download any plans, you must read the 7-step instructional guide, “How to Build Your Own Pre-Approved House in Ecorse, MI.” This guide will tell you the steps for using a pre-approved house plan, plus provide helpful resources if you are building a house for the first time.
Once you have read the instructions, you can download the plans using the links below.

800 square foot house
900 square foot house
1000 square foot house (option A)
1000 square foot house (option B)

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I make any changes to the plans?
No. If the plans are changed in any way, they will no longer be pre-approved.

Can I submit plans for a garage at the same time as the house?
Yes. However, if you submit at the same time, the garage must be detached from the house. Remember, you can always submit garage plans at any time in the future – attached or detached.

Can I submit plans for a fence, driveway, and other features as a part of my site plan?
Yes. Be sure to ask your homebuilder up-front to incorporate non-building things like driveways and fences.

Can I paint my house and make changes after it is built?
Of course! Once your house is built, you can make any changes you want to make it your own. Just remember, some modifications (like electrical work, concrete, etc.) will still require a separate building permit. The Building Department can help advise you when you are not sure if you need a permit.

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