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Information Technology

David Sapp 
IT Director
(313) 386-4006

3869 W. Jefferson Avenue
Ecorse, MI 48229

Hours: Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

The IT Department specializes in lowering City’s operating costs by analyzing current business processes. Information Technology is responsible for telephone and computer services, and assists other City Departments in evaluating, and implementing efficient systems. IT handles: Computer and Network Support, and Telecommunications.

Computer and Network Support

The City’s technology plan allows the IT Department to cost effectively replace older and slower machines with new technology.

Application Support and Training

The IT Department supports City employees with technology issues. IT can be reached via email. IT has the ability to remotely view the callers screen and assist in resolving their issue without actually visiting their desk. Remote access increases our availability time to resolve more issues and increase our response time.


Information Technology maintains the City’s phone network.

The City’s cell phones are also managed by IT. Cells phones are issued to key City employees to improve communications. Cell phone bills are closely monitored to ensure costs are within and under budget allowances. Many City employees use their own personal cell phones at their own expense.